Has the Patriot Act Opened Doors to Totalitarian Government?

Has the Patriot Act Opened Doors to Totalitarian Government in the United States?


Has the Patriot Act opened doors to the possibility of totalitarian government under the biblical Antichrist?

Some of our rights to privacy as American citizens were taken away in a hasty decision made by President George W. Bush and Congress in October of 2001, only one month after 9/11, by creating the Patriot Act. In fact, I remember President Bush going on national television asking Americans to give up some of their rights to privacy for the sake of the War Against Terror.

However, both Federal and local government agencies have abused the privileges that were given to them by the Patriot Act, and there are now political movements in the United States to have it amended or repealed.

The intention of the Patriot Act was to allow Federal agencies to spy on suspected terrorists living and/or operating out of the United States, who may be naturalized U.S. citizens and are therefore protected by rights to privacy. However, what the Patriot Act resulted in was that it actually gave the Government the right to spy on, track, follow, read the email of, listen to telephone conversions and place under surveillance every single U.S. citizen, even those with no criminal record.

Since the Patriot Act was implemented, less than 2 percent of Homeland Security’s efforts have actually resulted in convictions of terrorist suspects. The majority of arrests made as a direct result of the privileges given to law enforcement by the Patriot Act have been in the area of illegal drug trafficking, which is good, but was not the original intention of the Act.

Another negative result of the Patriot Act is the abuse of anti-terrorist technologies by employees using their on-the-job access to such technology to spy on or harass an ex-wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. Such abuse is not allowed to continue, of course, once discovered, but news reports of such incidents are killed by government censorship for the sake of public image and trust.

Before September 11, 2001, the only Federal agencies with access to satellite visual tracking technology were the Air Force, NASA, the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Since 9/11, these technologies are now shared with almost all other military branches and Federal agencies, as well as local government agencies now gathered under the umbrella of Homeland Security (aka Civil Defense).

Those in favor of amending or repealing the Act believe it has opened a door to totalitarian government within the United States.

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