What is Dispensational Theology?

What is Dispensational Theology?


I. Definition:

“Dispensational theology” is the theory that God has dealt progressively with man based on events in biblical history, which changed the human – divine relationship.

  • Events that affect all of mankind: Creation, The Fall, The Flood, Babel, Christ’s First Advent, Christ’s Second Advent, Resurrection & Judgment, Eternity.
  • Events that affect primarily the elect: Call of Abraham, Giving of The Law, Conquest of the Promised Land, Captivity of Israel, Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, Church Age, the Millennium.

II. Dispensations:

  1. Innocence. (Beginning at the creation of Man.)
  2. Conscience. (Beginning with the Fall of Man.)
  3. Covenants. (Beginning after the Flood.)
  4. Government. (Beginning at Babel and the confusion of languages.)
  5. Law. (Beginning with Moses receiving of the tablets on Mt. Sinai.)
  6. Grace. (Beginning with the atonement of Christ at His First Advent.)
  7. Kingdom of God. (Beginning with the descent of the Holy Spirit and birth of the Church, or, beginning with the Millennial reign of Christ at His second advent.)

(Note: Some Dispensations are believed to overlap.)

III. Typical charts used to teach this system of theology:








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